·       His pioneering work on rapid rK39 strip test resulted in the global application of this tool for the diagnosis of kala-azar, and it is being used in the national programmes of India and several countries of the world.
·       He described several breakthroughs in the treatment of kala-azar, and developed first orally effective drug miltefosine for the treatment of VL. Miltefosine was used for the Kala-azar Elimination Programme in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, and now it is being used worldwide.
·       He led the pivotal paromomycin trial, based on which the drug was approval by the Government of India.
·       He has also done excellent work on lipid associated amphotericin B. His work with single dose liposomal amphotericin B is considered as a major breakthrough and has earned worldwide acclaim. This single dose regimen is now the most preferred according to WHO recommendations, and it is being used in the control programmes in India, Nepal & Bangladesh.
·       Dr Shyam Sundar was first to successfully conduct multidrug therapy of VL, and these regimens are also approved by WHO as the second most preferred regimen. Combination of paromomycin and miltefosine is also being used at primary health centers by the National Control Programme.