Procurement activities are to be undertaken by KAMRC to satisfy varying project requirement of equipment, materials and services. All procurement contracts pertaining to a project will be related to planning, registration of contractors, award of contracts, monitoring and post-contract follow-up till the delivery of equipment from the supplier’s works will be that of the project management. The receipt machinery and services including all items whenever to be done by KAMRC and the co-ordination in all commercial and other matters thereafter, procurement of equipment and services execution shall be the responsibility of the  project management.  For this, a separate detailed system for co-ordination also identifying the division of responsibility between the departments shall be developed by the  project management. The entire responsibility for all contract activities related to other category contracts will be that of under the Management. 
Procurement action will be initiated on the basis of approved indents/requisitions indicating budget and project estimate provisions. The management will receive the requisition/indents for the procurement of materials/equipment/services duly approved by the  project management, keep themselves informed concerning sources of supply, prices/rates, freight, taxes, lead time, etc. and plan and organise procurement action, maintain a keen follow-up and organise quality control till the order is executed and also arrange systematic co-ordination by means of proper contract administration. The Contract Services will be oriented and guided by the important factor that project schedule is to be strictly adhered to.Timely execution of the procurement will be the overall responsibility of Management.