Entomology lab is established with main focus towards the study on Kala-azar Vector Phlebotomus argentipes (sand fly), its Epidemiology, Transmission Dynamics, Blood Meal Identification, Finding of Reservoir Host, Assess Insecticide Resistance etc. Entomology lab is well equipped with the instruments required in the entomological studies, and has a well-established closed colony of P. argentipes, developed in 2014 and certified as pathogen free. It also has a very good animal facility to facilitate blood feeding of sand flies for colony maintenance.
Existing infrastructure
Insect Dissection and Stereozoom Microscope
Phase Contrast Microscope
Environmental Chambers
Minus20, Minus 80 Deep Freeze
Laminar Hood
BOD Incubator
Membrane Feeder
Animal facility


Current Research Interests
Transmission dynamics of Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL)
Finding of non-human reservoir host for VL.
Evaluation of susceptibility status and molecular basis of insecticide resistance of P. argentipes
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