Dear Friends,


With the end of 2020, we have completed a decade and are commencing our journey for the next decade, which looks brighter and even more promising. In fact, COVID-19 dominated the whole of 2020 and tested the resilience of our progress graph. This has given us greater confidence and pride in our people and processes.

We have a strategic framework that guides decision making and enables employees to connect the activities of the Trust with the needs. The framework defines four fundamental objectives. They are: Building health care capacity; Saving and improving lives; Preventing disease and reducing stigma; and Advancing and Innovating in Research work.

Despite pandemic we conducted a door-to-door survey in an area that belongs to the Health and Demographic Surveillance Site (HDSS) of Muzaffarpur, Saran and some parts of U.P. So far within the HDSS we selected the villages that had reported the highest numbers of VL cases in preceding years. All consenting household members were screened for skin conditions, and minor conditions were treated on the spot. Upon completion of screening activities at the level of a few villages, a dermatology clinic ("skin camp") was conducted to which suspect leprosy and PKDL patients and other patients with skin conditions requiring expert advice were referred.Participation in skin camps was excellent. Most common conditions were fungal infections, eczema, and scabies.In trial we continue LC III in which we treated 33 patients. In ASBG we treated 163 patients. In MILT BG we treated 87 patients. Under ACD we continued our ruthless effort to detect VL and PKDL cases in the areas of Saran, Siwan, Gopalganj & Sitamadhi.  

Looking ahead, innovative solutions, people will play a central role in the future. We shall identify new opportunities to pursue the fulfillment of our Mission, using the impact of our support as a main driver in the selection process. In particular, internally we will focus on establishing a process framework and further developing the services we offer. Externally our focus will be on discovery and development, knowledge transfer and the engagement of the people involved.

In faith and goodwill


 Anil Sharma.